I'll Take Some Environmental News to Go

As soon as I get to the office every morning, I check my email and get my daily news fix. With so many different sources of environmental news out there, however, it's nearly impossible to scan all the major sources to get a good mix while gearing up for the long work day ahead. Luckily, Environmental Health Sciences has a service called Enviromental Health News that publishes both DailyClimate.org and AboveTheFold, free daily e-letters with links to top news stories published in English mainstream press sources around the world. The DailyClimate compiles links to the day's climate change news, while AboveTheFold provides links to the day's top environmental health news. News sources include the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, BBC and Toronto Globe and Mail.
Subscribing to each service gives readers a one-stop shop for news related to environmental health and climate change. Using a combination of automated and manual searches, staff at Environmental Health Sciences review thousands of mainstream news outlets everyday.

As I find myself becoming increasingly busy--or quite possibly, lazy--I am grateful for the two e-letters that make my life a bit easier. So go ahead, sign up and impress your coworkers with up-to-date news knowledge.