Vermont Bound

Staff will be heading up tomorrow night to Ripton, Vermont for The Overbrook Foundation's annual fall retreat. This year it's going to be a big one, in addition to all our Board of Directors, this year we'll be joined by the entire family, including multi-generations. We are looking forward to staying at Middlebury's Bread Loaf School of English.

We have a lot of great activities planned for the weekend. We'll be starting Friday afternoon with a tour of Bread Loaf with Middlebury Professor John Elder, including a visit to Robert Frost's Cabin and Noble Farm. Saturday morning half of our group will be at Shelburne Farms for its Fall Harvest, while the other half will be visiting a nearby Vermont Family Forest. The afternoon will be devoted to reviewing the Foundation's program initiatives. We also have several activities planned for younger generations that will introduce them to various aspects of philanthropy. Saturday evening Jack Byrne, the Director of Sustainability at Middlebury, will show the Foundation several of Middlebury's environmentally friendly facilities, including the Axinn Center at Starr Library. We'll finish up the weekend on Sunday with a regularly scheduled Board of Director's Meeting, where we will have the chance to hear from Bill McKibben.

It's going to be a busy 72 hours! Wish us luck and good weather! We'll be back on Sunday.