Human rights

The Overbrook Foundation’s grantmaking has supported human rights and related work since the earliest years of the Foundation.  This mission continues through focuses on racial justice, international human rights, reproductive rights and LGBT rights. Carrying this legacy forward, Overbrook currently provides funding to human rights organizations in the United States and in Latin America.

Domestically, the Foundation’s Human Rights Program supports organizations within the U.S. that are building a human rights movement at home, challenging entrenched notions of U.S. exceptionalism. It also makes grants to organizations strengthening gender rights and justice in the United States. Grantmaking in support of the reproductive justice movement and marriage equality for same-sex couples is currently the focus of the gender rights program.  Media reform and non-profit media continue to receive funding as the Foundation recognizes the role of vibrant and diverse media in fostering true democratic practice and participation.  Additionally, in 2013, the Foundation established an initiative to support organizations working to reform the undue influence of money in the domestic political landscape.

In its Latin America grantmaking program, the Foundation supports organizations defending human rights defenders and promoting gender rights. Overbrook supports groups providing legal, training, physical, advocacy or psychosocial support to human rights defenders at risk given the grave threats many activists face from state and non-state actors for engaging in their important human rights work. A limited number of gender rights organizations working to promote women’s rights, reproductive rights, and LGBT rights are potentially eligible for Overbrook funding as well.

As described above, the Foundation’s Human Rights grantmaking can be divided into the following Initiatives:




Header Photo: Courtesy of the New York Civil Liberties Union